Where Baja Meets the Med

Vela transports Old World romance to a tropical setting. Soft candlelight, hand-blown fixtures, and an exquisite mural by a native artist set the mood, though the sunset turning the sky brilliant cotton candy colors may steal the show. Inspired by the iconic traditions of Italy, France, and Spain, the menu is replete with beloved dishes, sprinkled with touches of local flavor. 



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Our chefs use time-honored techniques to prepare the most quintessential dishes from the Mediterranean: Pastas and flatbreads made in-house daily, dry-aged beef, impeccably sourced produce. Baja makes cameo appearances: locally caught seafood tossed with hand-rolled pasta, a sauce enlivened by guajillo chile, just-caught fish in a lime-accented pesto. Fall in love with your favorites all over again.



5:30pm – 10:30pm daily


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