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Chef Mauricio Lopez’s 18-Year Culinary Odyssey

In the heart of California Baja Sur, where the sun-soaked shores meet the bounty of the Sea of Cortez, Hilton Los Cabos boasts not only stunning views but also a culinary maestro who has been steering its kitchen for an impressive 18 years. Executive Chef Mauricio Lopez, hailing from Acapulco, Mexico, has found his culinary haven at Hilton Los Cabos, infusing the flavors of his Mexican heritage into every dish.

Global Culinary Odyssey: A Journey from Cuba to New York

Chef Lopez’s journey in the culinary world has been nothing short of extraordinary. With global culinary escapades that took him to places like Cuba, Spain, New York, and beyond, he has amassed a wealth of experience that he now brings to the tables of Hilton Los Cabos. His diverse culinary background has shaped his unique approach to cooking, creating a fusion of flavors that captivates the palates of guests at the seven culinary concepts offered at the resort.

Bridging Cultures: Acapulco Meets Baja

Despite the geographical distance from his hometown, Chef Lopez sees striking similarities between Baja and Acapulco. This realization has allowed him to seamlessly blend his roots with the local essence, creating a culinary experience that is both authentic and innovative. Through his leadership, Chef Lopez has cultivated a team that shares his passion and dedication, with many members finding themselves leading kitchens of their own.

Culinary Leadership Recognized: Hilton Culinary Council and Beyond

Chef Lopez’s exceptional leadership style has not gone unnoticed. Hilton recognized his culinary prowess and appointed him to the prestigious Hilton Culinary Council. His responsibilities extend beyond Hilton Los Cabos, as he plays a pivotal role in the opening of new hotels and resorts across Latin America. From designing kitchens to developing menus, Chef Lopez continues to leave his indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

From Mexico to the World: Awards and Accolades

In addition to his role at Hilton, Chef Lopez has become an influential figure in the Mexican culinary scene, providing international consultancy for the company’s Mexican concepts. His commitment to excellence and innovation has earned him accolades such as the Hilton Chef Diamond Award and the title of a former Champion of the Culinary Masters Competition in Miami, Florida.

Local Bounty, Global Inspiration: Chef Lopez’s Culinary Philosophy

One of Chef Lopez’s culinary principles revolves around sourcing local ingredients from regional Baja farms and fishermen. His “no shortcuts” approach to cooking emphasizes the use of fresh produce. “Baja provides us with the freshest produce. I can have vegetables in my kitchen that were in the ground yesterday, or fish on the plate that was caught this morning. It is a chef’s dream,” says Lopez. “There are no secrets to good food. Only five ingredients.”

Elevating Tradition: Creative Heights in Baja Sur

When envisioning California Baja Sur, images of fresh fish tacos served with avocado and tangy salsas come to mind. Chef Lopez elevates these traditional dishes to creative heights, drawing inspiration from the rich culture and customs of Mexico. While the farm-to-table concept may be a trend for some, for Chef Mauricio Lopez, it’s a way of life that has defined his culinary journey for the past 18 years. His commitment to local farmers, grounded in the promise, “if you grow it, we will buy it,” enables Chef Lopez to showcase his culinary creativity, delivering an unparalleled dining experience at Hilton Los Cabos.

Chef Mauricio, as featured on Hilton Hotels & Resorts Off the Menu Channel
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Inspired by the menus of Spain, France, and Southern Italy.
Open for dinner.

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Wood-fired favorites with a raw bar and incomparable views.
Open for lunch, beverages, and dinner.

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Oceanfront cabanas, craft cocktails, signature dishes.
À la carte pricing. Reservations requested.

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Iconic flavors from all seven regions of Mexico.
Open for breakfast and dinner.

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