Turtle Protection Program

Turtle Protection Program by Hilton Los Cabos Resort

From late July to November, and especially during August and September, guests of Hilton Los Cabos have an opportunity to experience one of nature's most incredible events: the spawning of the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Over 3 months, hundreds of sea turtles climb the beach right along our resort to find a spot to dig their nests and lay eggs.

Hilton Los Cabos and its partners are committed to protecting the Olive Ridley sea turtles during this crucial time. We are certified by the Semarnat & Profepa (environment agency), an accreditation which we earned through constant training and continuing education. The Sea Turtle Protection network includes hotels, state authorities and federal agencies all doing their part to ensure the safety and improve the livelihood of these beautiful marine creatures.

Our responsiblities include patrolling a 3.5-mile stretch of beachfront from El Dorado to El Tule every day, allowing our certified hotel personnel to monitor the number of nests, move eggs to our corral and coordinate the safe release of the newly born sea turtles.

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Want to get involved?

Guests staying between August and early November may have the unique thrill of participating in a baby turtle release. During the heaviest part of the season, releases may be held almost daily. To participate in a release, contact our concierge once you arrive at the resort.

We're also excited to announce the recent release of "Marisol" - adopted by Hilton Los Cabos and the Los Cabos Municipality to track via satellite during 2014. We'll be following Marisol's progress as she migrates across the sea. Want to see where she is right now? This interactive map will show you where Marisol is and how far she has traveled!

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