Where's Marisol? Track Our Turtle

Follow Marisol, The Hilton Los Cabos Turtle!

As proud members of Mexico’s Sea Turtle Protection Program, we are excited to do our part to create a brighter future for these precious animals. Each year, our Cabo San Lucas hotel patrols our beach during turtle season in Mexico, helping mother turtles lay their eggs in peace, moving eggs to protected nests and eventually assisting the hatchlings out to sea.

This year, we attached a satellite to one of the adult turtles and are tracking her movement throughout the next year. We’d like to introduce you to Marisol, the Hilton Los Cabos Turtle! Her name was a suggestion from one of our Facebook fans and means “Sea and Sun” in Spanish.

Where’s Marisol now? See for yourself!

Tracking provided SeaTurtle.Org