Wellness Care Rituals

Wellness Care Rituals at Spa Oasis

Mexico vacations reach a new level when combined with our extensive Wellness Care rituals, the ultimate choice for transcendent luxury and total body accommodation. Utilizing synergetic combinations of our skin, massage, and body therapies, these all-in-one packages provide a nearly overwhelming degree of comfort and total body rejuvenation.

Zen Awakening
Awaken senses to a new state of being with an integrative Asian ritual. The senses awaken with a relaxing massage that releases muscular and mental tension; a milky rice wrap complements the bodywork's relaxing effects. As the wrap's slimming and hydrating properties permeate your skin, enjoy a light scalp massage to chase away any remaining cares.
110 minutes, $210

Thermal Spring Ritual
Designed to restore an optimal condition of the skin and mind with water from five different types of spring gushes from the ground at Therme di Chianciano Italy. Start with an exfoliation to wrap your body and enjoy a moisturizing express facial. Select from gentle Swedish or invigorating Deep Tissue Massage to promote stress relief and muscle renewal.
110 minutes, $230

Marine Reduction Detox Wave
Reconnect with your soul and become one with the water. Enjoy the Marine Reduction treatment which integrates the cleansing regenerating wave, dermo-reducing marine concentrate, dermo-reducing marine mousse and the restructuring massage cream to result in a more harmonious figure and smother and more even skin. Complete your service with a reflexology treatment that boosts the immune system and stimulates organ detoxification. Finally, a relaxing massage cream blended from sea water and mineral salts reignites the spirit.
110 minutes, $210

Couple's Oasis Total Ritual
Unforgettable romantic experience. Spa Oasis' exclusive and intimate couple's lounge sets the stage for pampering for two. Let us immerse you in a perfect state of wellbeing of mind, soul and body. While you body is wrapped in a fresh and hydrating mask, select from a stimulating scalp massage, a foot reflexology or a moisturizing express facial. In addition, you will enjoy a bathing rite in the privacy of your treatment room. Share with us the type of pressure you would prefer to finalize your ritual, for your stress relief and muscle renewal massage.
110 minutes, $250 each

Mother-To-Be Ritual
Share a moment of serenity with your baby. Using specially contoured cushions, begin with a massage that will soothe muscles newly taxed by your changing body. Enhance your circulation with a light exfoliation scrub and a restorative white mud body mask.
110 minutes, $210

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