Body Wraps

Body Wraps at Spa Oasis

Discover SPA OASIS in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and revitalize your whole body. Our selection of unique wrap treatments is designed to soothe and revive your body head to toe, no matter the ailment.

Thermal Spring Regenerating Treatment
A deep gentle exfoliation that stimulates cellular turnover and restores softness and uniformity to the epidermis, getting the skin soft and smooth.
25 minutes, $70

Thermal Spring Purifying Treatment
Start with an exfoliation to wrap your body in a deep detoxifying action that encourages the elimination of impurities and fluids trapped in tissues, stimulating the cellular metabolism. Finish with a light massage. Your skin will look radiant and fresh.
50 minutes, $110

Thermal Spring Total
This special and unique treatment will pamper and nourish you from toes to hair. After a soft exfoliation, your body, face and hair will be covered on smooth and creamy white mud with thermal trace elements combined with essential oils and active ingredients. Finish with a light massage. Face, Body and Hair will display a young, velvet and radiant look.
80 minutes, $160

Marine Reduction Treatment
Marine efficacy for newfound beauty. After a cleansing, the dermo-reducing concentrate is spread on, then for a more intense action, the soft and creamy tepid mousse is applied. Their combined effects promote the attenuation of localized taffy deposits. The mini massage brings balance to body and mind and leaves the skin smooth and velvety.
50 minutes, $120

Baja Agave Sunburn Remedy
Soothe an unexpected vacation sunburn using the natural organic certified Mexican Agave Azul with no parabens and natural conservatives. Especially beneficial to ease the discomfort of a sun burn. Your skin becomes renewed and protected.
50 minutes, $110
80 minutes, $150 (Includes soothing and refreshing face treatment

Zen Contour Body Treatment
Envelop your body in delicacies from East Asia that pique the senses and feed the skin. Begin with a delicate body polish ripe with almond, lilac, jasmine and a touch of fresh coconut; next, warm rice bags steeped in potent cleansing serums rinse skin, promote microcirculation and stimulate the mobilization of fats. Skin emerges soft as fine silk.
80 minutes, $150

Upgrade your body wrap with benefits of our Nausicaa hydrotherapy table, $15

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