Responsible Luxury

The Environment and Our Community is Important to our Luxury Hotel in Mexico

Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort believes in pampering our guests, and this same principle is applied in our commitment to being good stewards of our precious natural resources and helping our local community.

Sarahuaro Foundation
The goal of this foundation is to help underpriveleged women and children in the community through workshops and community outreach programs. Hilton Los Cabos employees are proud to support this important foundation by donating their time and resources. Learn more and see how you can help!

LIGA MAC ¨Mano a Mano¨ / ¨Hand in Hand¨
Liga Mac offers 'a helping hand' to the low income families and individuals of San Jose del Cabo to ensure that they are well-nourished, have access to medical care, and to provide children and adults with the opportunity to continue their education.Hilton Los Cabos employees are proud to support this important foundation by donating their time and resources.

Turtle Protection Program
Our beach on the southern Baja coast is a prime destination for sea turtle nesting. Sea turtles across the globe are in danger of extinction, stemming from a high demand for their meat, eggs, skin and shells. Also, many of their nests are destroyed by humans, severely reducing the number of hatchlings that make their way back to sea.

Our eco-friendly Mexico resort employs trained personnel to protect these baby turtles, relocating nests to a prime position on the beach's perimeter, greatly increasing their chances of survival. Guests of Hilton Los Cabos visiting during the hatching season (normally mid-October) have an incredible opportunity to witness this amazing event.

Learn more about our Turtle Protection Program.

Environmental Efforts
Taking care of the environment is of utmost importance to our Cabo San Lucas, Mexico hotel to ensure that future generations of guests can also enjoy the unsurpassed scenic beauty of our destination. Recently, the staff at Hilton Los Cabos joined with the local community in several campaigns to beautify the area. Our staff members enjoyed working hard to clean up the beaches and cover up graffiti with fresh paint to make Los Cabos even better for both residents and visitors.

To reduce the carbon footprint on the environment, we are in the process of adopting several eco-friendly policies.

We have replaced the standard bulbs in our light fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs. In addition, we are taking measures to reduce our freshwater consumption by adopting a water desalination program which lessens the salt content of sea water to a usable level. With our location right on the waters of the Sea of Cortez, it is fitting to utilize this infinite resource for much of our water usage.