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Visit San Jose Del Cabos and Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

The fiery star of Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico dances to a hot rhythm all its own. Located 12 miles and only 20 minutes from the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, Cabo San Lucas entertainment is world famous for its variety, featuring incredible water sports, boating facilities, gourmet restaurants and modern resort shopping, not to mention that electric Cabo San Lucas nightlife. Action-seekers day and night owe themselves a visit (or several) to Mexico’s premier tourist destination.

San Jose Del Cabo

On the other end of the dial, San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico adheres to the utter tranquility of coastal life. Just 20 minutes from our Cabo San Lucas hotel you can walk the historic streets and admire the traditional adobe architecture of this charming city. Enjoy a leisurely stroll while you browse shops with traditional Mexican ornaments and artifacts, and make time for a romantic evening at one of the scenic San Jose cafés.