Whale watching!

Whale watching!

Whale watching season is at its best. Last week, while I was showing Hilton Los Cabos to a travel writer, I was sharing with him about the whales and that sometimes you could actually see them in front of the hotel, or from your room or by the pool or at one of the terraces. I was just telling him that and suddenly we saw a whale water spout and then three more, right there before our eyes, we stopped for a while to look at them and enjoyed the moment. We were so fortunate to observe this.

I also recalled that last year, I did a whale watching tour with a friend, it was almost the end of the season and we thought we were not going to see at all, unexpectedly we saw a whale and her calf next to us, watched them for a while and then we kept moving as the captain received a message saying that another one was close from where we were and when we got to see it, it was coming in and out and then it was breaching once, and once again, I counted 35 times and decided not to count them anymore and kept watching and enjoying, it seemed that the whale was so happy and wanted us to be happy as well.

These are the kind of moments that enlighten our lives and help us admire nature and in my case, the place I live and that sometimes I do not enjoy as much as I should.

Whale watching season starts around December and ends by the beginning of April, although dates may vary as we totally depend on Mother Nature.

If you happen to come to Los Cabos during whale watching season, please give yourself the time to sit, relax and observe, you may see one or more whales and after having this wonderful experience you may feel renovated and happily start all over again!

Photo courtesy of www.cabo-adventures.com

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