Los Cabos refreshing tip…

Los Cabos refreshing tip…


With the arrival of the summer, we are always looking for something refreshing and when it comes to food, even more, especially here in Los Cabos, where our beautiful warm weather invites us to try something colorful, delicious and revitalizing like a salad.

Talking about salads we have endless options such as: Rosemary Potato, Organic, Tomato, Veggie, Cobb, Chicken, Tuna, Hardboiled egg, Cajun shrimp, Green Beans and pineapple, Romaine, Carrot and Jicama just to mention few. In the picture below we are showing this jicama, carrot, mango, cucumber and “chile piquin” salad which we love in Mexico.

Our banquet menus and restaurant menus have different choices and when you like salads very much, you have a hard decision to make!

Ask us for recommendations when you are selecting your wedding menu or if you have a personal favorite, let us know so we can prepare it to your taste.

Which one is your preferred?



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