Experience a cooking class…

Experience a cooking class…

Cooking.. Are you a foodie person and would love to do a different activity while you are vacationing? Let me share with you what a fantastic experience we had at the hotel, with a cooking class for a family that started with Tequila tasting all the way to a wonderful Mexican dessert.

When we arrived at El Meson restaurant we came by the open kitchen where our Executive Chef was waiting for us together with the kitchen and restaurant team to greet us and introduce themselves, we also received copy of the wonderful recipes we tried.

Suddenly, our Tequilier arrived with a Tequila tasting cart and he explained the tequila process, how it is made and the difference between white, young and aged. This was truly educational.

Now, time for food preparation, the Chef showed us all the ingredients to prepare guacamole and made it at the moment, we enjoyed it with homemade chips. Different types of salsas from mild to hot were freshly made too; we tasted epazote, a Mexican herb that gives a unique flavor to quesadillas or beans just to mention a few examples, and to top up the flavor on the quesadilla we added one of the fresh made salsas, what can I say?

We were so into it that we were enjoying every single minute of the class. We were also taught how to prepare an exhilarating sea bass ceviche with mango and then a traditional Mexican tortilla soup, superb!

Most of the products used at the kitchen are regional as the Chef mentioned, therefore they are organic. For me, there is nothing better than finishing a nice meal with a dessert and so we did, we had churros with caramel and/or chocolate, we tried both and they were prepared and fried in front of us, just amazing and the flavor, wow! Check different recipes and try your cooking skills at http://bit.ly/1ctSpzX

The family mentioned how impressed they were by the service delivered by each of our staff members, they selected to stay at the Hilton based on the comments read online about our property experience. They did not know what to expect and after this cooking class, which exceeded their expectations, they were overwhelmed with every detail and I was too. It was indeed an extraordinary experience. Hopefully you come and enjoy this too!


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