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Tips from a Wedding planner

Tips from a Wedding planner

In my experience as wedding planner this is what I learned when you book a hotel beach destination for a wedding and I wrote a list of things to think of:

  • Book your Wedding venue 9 to 12 months ahead or more, the sooner the better
  • Verify if y our preferred wedding date is available
  • Select the hotel that meets best your needs and budget, very important.
  • Find out if the hotel offers group rates. Generally a group is considered 10 rooms or more for three nights.
  • Do you want to book guestroom or a suite? Check availability if you want a special suite.
  • If you have decided hotel and location, plan a visit including a meeting with the Wedding Specialist, it is best if the person actually works at the hotel you have selected, as they know exactly how everything works within the property and can guide you in everything.
  • Select the dinner area, keep in mind that it is based on availability
  • If you are at a beach hotel, do you want a beach ceremony or at a terrace or any other outdoor spot?
  • What kind of menu would you like to have plated or buffet?
  • Have you chosen a cake design? Any particular flavor? Have a photo of your ideal as reference.
  • Which are your wedding colors? Do you want them in the dinner and ceremony set up? Extra costs may incur if you want a special décor.
  • Have you thought of the flowers you want to have? Take into consideration the season and the destination, some flowers may not be available
  • Ask for options on photographers. If you want photos at sunset, then you have to plan everything accordingly. In Los Cabos sunset in summer is approximately at 8:00pm or later and in winter is around 6:00pm or earlier.
  • What kind of entertainment do you want? Trio, Mariachi, DJ and/or a band? Prepare your list of favorite songs.
  • Ask for wedding packages if available and check everything they include
  • Check out the Spa facilities if available and the wedding services they offer. Spa Oasis has a wide menu, you can visit

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Photo courtesy of Francisco Estrada

Something Blue…

Something Blue…

My grandmother always mentioned that the bride must wear something blue on the wedding. This has become a tradition and nowadays we see this color in different things at the weddings. I was actually surprised when I saw a blue wedding dress, probably because we are used to see blue in other things like the flowers, the favors and the set up, to mention some.

Do we really know where is this tradition coming from?

I have read that it comes from a poem back to the Victorian Age “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky sixpence for her shoe”..

I personally have not seen in Mexico that brides wear a sixpence in the shoe, but definitely something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue are always present.

“Something old” for the continuity with the Bride’s family and past. “Something new” represents optimism and hope. “Something borrowed” is supposed to be obtained through a happily married relative or friend, whose good fortune in marriage hopefully will carry over to the Bride. “Something blue” would represent love, fidelity, modesty and purity is also associated with this color.

I found out that before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for Wedding gowns, it is said “Marry in blue, lover be true”. Would you wear a blue dress?

In these days, white is not the only color in weddings, however it is tradition, but if you are looking for something blue, you have many options to choose from. I am sure we all would like to wear something from our mothers or grandmas and that way we have something borrowed and something blue at the same time. What are you considering to wear?  We would like to know, please share!

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Wedding favors and ideas…

Wedding favors and ideas…

Talking about wedding ideas, we know every wedding is different and has peculiar details that make it unique and special, adding wedding favors is a great way to thank guests for attending.

Searching on this subject I found lots of options by color, material, price, for the wedding, the ceremony, the bridal party, etc. It all depends on what we want to buy from: wine stoppers, bottle openers, card holders, photo frames, scent candles, luggage tags, gold or silver items, matches, chocolates to bubble tubes just to mention some.

I personally love silver, when I was looking for silver favors I found an assortment of beautiful items, did not expect to find that many I must confess but to my surprise the decision is difficult but if we are realistic we have to stick to a budget, so that helps reduce the options or increase them, all depends. There are also several details in silver for men, such as: money clips, cuff links, lighters, key-rings, ideas are endless.

Favors can also be found by season, design or personalized. It is important to buy favors according to the location, if the ceremony is at the beach in summer for instance; fans, parasols, flip flops can be considered; while in winter we may select something different.

There are also eco-friendly wedding favors made of seed-embedded paper and handcrafted paper cards, where kind words can be written to guests as a token of appreciation. There are also seed favors that bloom after guests follow instructions to soil and water them.

Useful favors are even better, as they remind guests of the wedding and are functional such as card or photo holders which I believe are great options. I have seen different models and if I were to select one in particular I would probably go with butterflies or hearts, not sure yet since I like them both. Which ones would you choose?

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Are you planning the wedding of your dreams?

Are you planning the wedding of your dreams?

When planning a wedding we are talking of so many different things: items for the bride, for the groom and the wedding itself.

Talking to our wedding specialist we realize how important planning a wedding can be, so everything is in place: flowers, cake, entertainment, food, invitations, ceremony, photos, video, dinner set up, lighting, colors, giveaways, honeymoon, stationary, fireworks, etc, we can keep adding to the list, but at the end all depends on your budget.

At the time of selecting the flowers, you know you have several options, but here in Los Cabos flowers are brought from different areas, therefore you have to consider the selection you make in order to have your choice on time. Which are your preferred ones for this special date?

Selecting a dinner set up depends on the location and the number of guests. If your wedding is intimate like 20 guests, an imperial table could be appropriate, but if you have more than 50, rounds would be better.

We could keep talking about all the options, however we invite you to learn all about Los Cabos wedding services and hope to host your wedding anytime soon.

¡Hasta pronto!



Roses are always welcome, aren’t they?


White and red set up. By the way, red for weddings is auspicious in some cultures.

Imperial set up for an intimate wedding

Los Cabos refreshing tip…

Los Cabos refreshing tip…


With the arrival of the summer, we are always looking for something refreshing and when it comes to food, even more, especially here in Los Cabos, where our beautiful warm weather invites us to try something colorful, delicious and revitalizing like a salad.

Talking about salads we have endless options such as: Rosemary Potato, Organic, Tomato, Veggie, Cobb, Chicken, Tuna, Hardboiled egg, Cajun shrimp, Green Beans and pineapple, Romaine, Carrot and Jicama just to mention few. In the picture below we are showing this jicama, carrot, mango, cucumber and “chile piquin” salad which we love in Mexico.

Our banquet menus and restaurant menus have different choices and when you like salads very much, you have a hard decision to make!

Ask us for recommendations when you are selecting your wedding menu or if you have a personal favorite, let us know so we can prepare it to your taste.

Which one is your preferred?



Basic Chuppa Set Up

Basic Chuppa Set Up

Looking the perfect wedding ceremony spot?

Picture yourself and your fiance under the blue sky of Cabo and the Sea of Cortes as the perfect background for the most expected date in your life. Here you have our basic white beach style set up (chuppa, white linen and white garden chairs) and to your taste start upgrading those details that make your moment so special: flower arrangements, rose petals, wooden walk way or the design of your choice. Our wedding specialist can taylor made everything you have ever dreamed of.

Hilton Los Cabos Basic Chuppa Set up

Basic Chuppa Set up

Hilton Los Cabos upgraded Chuppa with flower arrangements

Hilton Los Cabos upgraded Chuppa with flower arrangements

Touch of Pink

Touch of Pink

Looking the color of love?

For years we have used the color red to emphasize we are in love with small hearts surrounding our environment, now we are in the month of love you can see it everywhere. But going beyond that and the colors in trend, if you want that wedding colors have some meaning you can add some pink. It represents unconditional love and understanding; combines the quality of the red to be passionate and the purity of white getting as a result: romance, compassion, beauty, love, friendship, sensitivity and a positive energy.

Pink love

Hair flowers

Hair flowers

No sure how to wear your hair that day?

If the Wedding is during the warm season will be best for a bride’s hairstyle wear your hair semi collected or collected but this does not mean boring, the trend still to use flowers in your hair.

No matter which flower you choose, we can assure you that you will look beautiful and fashionable.



Hilton Los Cabos Tasting

Hilton Los Cabos Tasting

Have you ever been to a tasting

It is very important to plan for all wedding details and the food is no exception.

Most of the time we choose an elaborate menu or if our wedding is held in another country, we select a local menu.

Foreign dishes can be popular in th country of origin, however not all the guests may be accustomed to the palate of flavors so it is important to tast the selections to make sure that the food will be appropriate for all guests. For this reason we suggest a tasting.

The tasting will help you to choose the dieshes that make up your menu. During the tasting you have an opportunity to adjust flavors and presentation. We suggest you to try them with your fiance to ensure that you make the best choice.

We offer tastings in our wedding packages so do not hesitate to do it!

Are you looking forward to your tasting?


Easy steps for a successful Ceremony Rehearsal

Easy steps for a successful Ceremony Rehearsal

We know how important is getting ready for your Wedding Day that’s why we want to share our easy steps to have the perfect processional.

Let’s start:

1) Determine who will be part of the processional:

Ceremony Diagram

Rehearsal Ceremony Diagram Hilton Los Cabos

  • Parents
  • Best man
  • Ring bearer
  • Groomsmen
  • Groom
  • Maid of honor
  • Bridesmaids
  • Flower girl
  • Bride

2) Determine who will walk down the aisle with whom

3) Timing

4) Practice the processional

5) Practice the giving away of the bride to the groom

6) Practice the recessional

 Now you know how to make it happen!


Real Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

Real Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal