Are you planning the wedding of your dreams?

Are you planning the wedding of your dreams?

When planning a wedding we are talking of so many different things: items for the bride, for the groom and the wedding itself.

Talking to our wedding specialist we realize how important planning a wedding can be, so everything is in place: flowers, cake, entertainment, food, invitations, ceremony, photos, video, dinner set up, lighting, colors, giveaways, honeymoon, stationary, fireworks, etc, we can keep adding to the list, but at the end all depends on your budget.

At the time of selecting the flowers, you know you have several options, but here in Los Cabos flowers are brought from different areas, therefore you have to consider the selection you make in order to have your choice on time. Which are your preferred ones for this special date?

Selecting a dinner set up depends on the location and the number of guests. If your wedding is intimate like 20 guests, an imperial table could be appropriate, but if you have more than 50, rounds would be better.

We could keep talking about all the options, however we invite you to learn all about Los Cabos wedding services and hope to host your wedding anytime soon.

¡Hasta pronto!



Roses are always welcome, aren’t they?


White and red set up. By the way, red for weddings is auspicious in some cultures.

Imperial set up for an intimate wedding

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