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The Trip to Baja

The Trip to Baja


The Trip to Baja was made by Kendrick our Director of Revenue Management, he also wrote this for us as we asked him to share this unforgettable experience. 

The Challenge

First of all it was a challenge because it was the first time I was riding the bike for a long trip.  I was bringing a brand new bike so the possibility of a mechanical failure was very low. But this is Baja 1000!! And lonely gringo in Mexico you know what I mean.

I also had the advantage of knowing the road as I had driven my vehicle from California back in April 2012.   There is 1,000 miles from California to Hilton Los Cabos this was my goal…..

 Let’s go already!

I started the trip about a month later (end of May) than I had initially wanted as I was waiting for a friend from Minneapolis to drive (in his bike) to Cali so we could start the trip together but he ended up cancelling his trip therefore I was forced to do the trip alone (of course, he chickened out).   I traveled by plane to LAX, visited a close friend in Beverly Hills (always in style). The very next day went to pick up my bike but one part (to install the side saddle bags) didn’t arrive on time and had to wait another day.  Finally on the last day of the month I started the trip, left USA late in the afternoon and passed the border to Mexico through Tijuana.   (no issues at all –great job Mexico-)

 Now in Mexico

The first portion of the trip was through the beautiful scenic route between Ensenada and San Quintin.  Average speed for day 1 was about 60 miles per hour (it was a brand new bike remember??).  On Day two I made it from San Quintin to Guerrero Negro which is about half way in the Peninsula of Baja California and to celebrate the milestone I decided to stay in a Hotel called Halfway Inn.  Average speed was about 65 miles an hour but at some point reach a maximum speed of 110 miles in a very long straight road.  On day three I made it from Guerrero Negro to Loreto, the road offered more curves and millions of huge stones as I move from the Pacific side of the peninsula to the Sea of Cortes side.  I made one very interesting stop in the middle of no-where: a small restaurant and ate homemade “machaca”, the nice fellow said the “machaca” was born and raise there but as you look around you only see stones everywhere.  There were also some military checkpoints along the way.  Average speed about 70 miles an hour.

On the fourth day the sun and the heat was way up; made it from Loreto to La Paz.  About 35% of the road was under construction there was a lot of long straight roads which delayed my arrival, and also at one point had to wait for an hour as the road was close to cleanup some debris so I took the time to talk to the other stranded drivers and made some new friends, one of them even offered a nice cold bottle of water.

 10 recommendations for motorcycle road trip to Baja (Survivor Kit):

1.       A friend that can ride in another motorcycle next to you.

2.       A killer playlist you can listen (its 24 hours of driving time)

3.       Choose some dates that it not so hot outside.  (you get breeze but extremely hot air)

4.       Sun block

5.       Extra time in case there are delays.

6.       Make time for photos or videos.

7.       Eat where locals eat.

8.       Drink lots of liquids

9.       No internet on the way but keep your love one informed of your location.

10.   Plan you gas stops frequently just in case.

I am sure that after reading Kendrick’s amazing story you will want to plan a trip like this and my favorite recommendation number 9, which is yours?

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