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Honeymoon wishes

Honeymoon wishes

Honeymoon wishes will give wedding couples a way to receive parts of their Hilton Honeymoon as a wedding gift. Couples are able to choose and register to receive spa treatments, dinner or any on property amenity. Guests can then sign into the wedding couple’s registry page and contribute to their honeymoon as a wedding gift.

The Hilton Honeymoon Registry is to help wedding couples have the honeymoon of their dreams and is similar to a store based registry. The wedding couple has registered for items they wish to receive as wedding gifts.

 Hilton Los Cabos is part of this wonderful tool and we invite you to visit the site and become familiar with it. You can create your own wedding website, photo album, gift cards, and emails besides the wedding registry. You can find a sample registry here

 How it works…

1.       Set up your Free Honeymoon Wedding Registry

2.       Add items to your Honeymoon Wedding Registry

3.       Use our announcements and emails to inform friends and family of your gift registry

4.       Guests purchase from your Honeymoon Wedding Registry

5.       Collect wedding gifts. Have the honeymoon of your dreams!

Some Testimonials:

“We received so many compliments on the wedding website and honeymoon registry and how easy it was to use for our guests. My friends said they will definitely use the honeymoon registry for their weddings!” – Shanyn and Doug

“We really loved it and the customer service was fabulous. Our Registry turned out awesome thanks a lot of help from the pictures that you provided.” Bailey & Angel

You will see that the site is very friendly as it takes you step by step and has several gift options to choose from: suites, guestrooms, Spa treatments, dining, certificates, etc.

 Help us spread the word and also visit us at or email us at

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