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Tips from a Wedding planner

Tips from a Wedding planner

In my experience as wedding planner this is what I learned when you book a hotel beach destination for a wedding and I wrote a list of things to think of:

  • Book your Wedding venue 9 to 12 months ahead or more, the sooner the better
  • Verify if y our preferred wedding date is available
  • Select the hotel that meets best your needs and budget, very important.
  • Find out if the hotel offers group rates. Generally a group is considered 10 rooms or more for three nights.
  • Do you want to book guestroom or a suite? Check availability if you want a special suite.
  • If you have decided hotel and location, plan a visit including a meeting with the Wedding Specialist, it is best if the person actually works at the hotel you have selected, as they know exactly how everything works within the property and can guide you in everything.
  • Select the dinner area, keep in mind that it is based on availability
  • If you are at a beach hotel, do you want a beach ceremony or at a terrace or any other outdoor spot?
  • What kind of menu would you like to have plated or buffet?
  • Have you chosen a cake design? Any particular flavor? Have a photo of your ideal as reference.
  • Which are your wedding colors? Do you want them in the dinner and ceremony set up? Extra costs may incur if you want a special décor.
  • Have you thought of the flowers you want to have? Take into consideration the season and the destination, some flowers may not be available
  • Ask for options on photographers. If you want photos at sunset, then you have to plan everything accordingly. In Los Cabos sunset in summer is approximately at 8:00pm or later and in winter is around 6:00pm or earlier.
  • What kind of entertainment do you want? Trio, Mariachi, DJ and/or a band? Prepare your list of favorite songs.
  • Ask for wedding packages if available and check everything they include
  • Check out the Spa facilities if available and the wedding services they offer. Spa Oasis has a wide menu, you can visit

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Photo courtesy of Francisco Estrada