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Turtle season is here!

Turtle season is here!

Turtle Season is here and you can make it part of your stay in Los Cabos. Like a wedding we had that enjoy this fantastic opportunity!

 Every year from June until the end of October, we have some staff volunteering during night shift, patrolling 10 miles in order to seek for turtle nests, from 11pm to 7am or 8am in the morning. We set on the beach a farmyard where eggs are laid and after 45 to 60 days they hatched. For the 2012 season we collected 22937 eggs and released 16488 live babies to the sea, we average when we have the correct support in place anywhere from 1 to 14 nests per night and an average nest can have from 50 to 180 eggs in each nest.

 Did you know that?

  • All species of sea turtles are listed as threatened or endangered.
  • Sea Turtles are highly sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field and use it to navigate.
  • The fact that most species return to nest at the locations in the same general area where they were born seems to indicate an imprint of that location’s magnetic features.
  • Sea Turtles can live between 50 to 80 years depending on the specie.
  • Sea Turtles can swim 27 Km/h to 35 Km/h.
  • Sea Turtles do not have teeth; instead they have sharp tips on the superior part of their mouth.

 How can you help?

  • Do not drive ATV’s or motorized vehicles on the beach.
  • Walk carefully on the beach during nesting season.
  • Do not touch or disturb Sea Turtle nests.
  • Report anyone damaging or disturbing nests.
  • Report any injured Sea Turtles.
  • Do not consume Sea Turtle meat or eggs.
  • Do not direct lights to baby Sea Turtles. They find their way to the Sea by finding the brightest horizon.
  • Volunteer

Please note that new laws are in place and now in order to protect the turtle, we cannot hold them unless we are certified to do that, however we still enjoy looking at them being released and at least we know that we have done our part in helping them getting to the beach. After that, nature does its job. We just hope we can see more coming the following years!

For more information please visit We would like to thank Mauricio Fabian for the photos