Whale watching!

Whale watching!

Whale watching season is at its best. Last week, while I was showing Hilton Los Cabos to a travel writer, I was sharing with him about the whales and that sometimes you could actually see them in front of the hotel, or from your room or by the pool or at one of the terraces. I was just telling him that and suddenly we saw a whale water spout and then three more, right there before our eyes, we stopped for a while to look at them and enjoyed the moment. We were so fortunate to observe this.

I also recalled that last year, I did a whale watching tour with a friend, it was almost the end of the season and we thought we were not going to see at all, unexpectedly we saw a whale and her calf next to us, watched them for a while and then we kept moving as the captain received a message saying that another one was close from where we were and when we got to see it, it was coming in and out and then it was breaching once, and once again, I counted 35 times and decided not to count them anymore and kept watching and enjoying, it seemed that the whale was so happy and wanted us to be happy as well.

These are the kind of moments that enlighten our lives and help us admire nature and in my case, the place I live and that sometimes I do not enjoy as much as I should.

Whale watching season starts around December and ends by the beginning of April, although dates may vary as we totally depend on Mother Nature.

If you happen to come to Los Cabos during whale watching season, please give yourself the time to sit, relax and observe, you may see one or more whales and after having this wonderful experience you may feel renovated and happily start all over again!

Photo courtesy of www.cabo-adventures.com

Honeymoon wishes

Honeymoon wishes

Honeymoon wishes will give wedding couples a way to receive parts of their Hilton Honeymoon as a wedding gift. Couples are able to choose and register to receive spa treatments, dinner or any on property amenity. Guests can then sign into the wedding couple’s registry page and contribute to their honeymoon as a wedding gift. http://hilton.honeymoonwishes.com/

The Hilton Honeymoon Registry is to help wedding couples have the honeymoon of their dreams and is similar to a store based registry. The wedding couple has registered for items they wish to receive as wedding gifts.

 Hilton Los Cabos is part of this wonderful tool and we invite you to visit the site and become familiar with it. You can create your own wedding website, photo album, gift cards, and emails besides the wedding registry. You can find a sample registry here http://hilton.honeymoonwishes.com/Honeymoon-Registry-203909

 How it works…

1.       Set up your Free Honeymoon Wedding Registry

2.       Add items to your Honeymoon Wedding Registry

3.       Use our announcements and emails to inform friends and family of your gift registry

4.       Guests purchase from your Honeymoon Wedding Registry

5.       Collect wedding gifts. Have the honeymoon of your dreams!

Some Testimonials:

“We received so many compliments on the wedding website and honeymoon registry and how easy it was to use for our guests. My friends said they will definitely use the honeymoon registry for their weddings!” – Shanyn and Doug

“We really loved it and the customer service was fabulous. Our Registry turned out awesome thanks a lot of help from the pictures that you provided.” Bailey & Angel

You will see that the site is very friendly as it takes you step by step and has several gift options to choose from: suites, guestrooms, Spa treatments, dining, certificates, etc.

 Help us spread the word and also visit us at http://www.hiltonloscabos.com/weddings-cabo-san-lucas-mexico or email us at loscabos.weddings@hilton.com

How about a dinner at Fenicia Restaurant?

Tips from a Wedding planner

Tips from a Wedding planner

In my experience as wedding planner this is what I learned when you book a hotel beach destination for a wedding and I wrote a list of things to think of:

  • Book your Wedding venue 9 to 12 months ahead or more, the sooner the better
  • Verify if y our preferred wedding date is available
  • Select the hotel that meets best your needs and budget, very important.
  • Find out if the hotel offers group rates. Generally a group is considered 10 rooms or more for three nights.
  • Do you want to book guestroom or a suite? Check availability if you want a special suite.
  • If you have decided hotel and location, plan a visit including a meeting with the Wedding Specialist, it is best if the person actually works at the hotel you have selected, as they know exactly how everything works within the property and can guide you in everything.
  • Select the dinner area, keep in mind that it is based on availability
  • If you are at a beach hotel, do you want a beach ceremony or at a terrace or any other outdoor spot?
  • What kind of menu would you like to have plated or buffet?
  • Have you chosen a cake design? Any particular flavor? Have a photo of your ideal as reference.
  • Which are your wedding colors? Do you want them in the dinner and ceremony set up? Extra costs may incur if you want a special décor.
  • Have you thought of the flowers you want to have? Take into consideration the season and the destination, some flowers may not be available
  • Ask for options on photographers. If you want photos at sunset, then you have to plan everything accordingly. In Los Cabos sunset in summer is approximately at 8:00pm or later and in winter is around 6:00pm or earlier.
  • What kind of entertainment do you want? Trio, Mariachi, DJ and/or a band? Prepare your list of favorite songs.
  • Ask for wedding packages if available and check everything they include
  • Check out the Spa facilities if available and the wedding services they offer. Spa Oasis has a wide menu, you can visit http://www.hiltonloscabos.com/mexico-spa-resort/wedding-spa-packages

For more information on weddings: http://www.hiltonloscabos.com/weddings-cabo-san-lucas-mexico 

Photo courtesy of Francisco Estrada www.photomexico.com

Something Blue…

Something Blue…

My grandmother always mentioned that the bride must wear something blue on the wedding. This has become a tradition and nowadays we see this color in different things at the weddings. I was actually surprised when I saw a blue wedding dress, probably because we are used to see blue in other things like the flowers, the favors and the set up, to mention some.

Do we really know where is this tradition coming from?

I have read that it comes from a poem back to the Victorian Age “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky sixpence for her shoe”..

I personally have not seen in Mexico that brides wear a sixpence in the shoe, but definitely something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue are always present.

“Something old” for the continuity with the Bride’s family and past. “Something new” represents optimism and hope. “Something borrowed” is supposed to be obtained through a happily married relative or friend, whose good fortune in marriage hopefully will carry over to the Bride. “Something blue” would represent love, fidelity, modesty and purity is also associated with this color.

I found out that before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for Wedding gowns, it is said “Marry in blue, lover be true”. Would you wear a blue dress?

In these days, white is not the only color in weddings, however it is tradition, but if you are looking for something blue, you have many options to choose from. I am sure we all would like to wear something from our mothers or grandmas and that way we have something borrowed and something blue at the same time. What are you considering to wear?  We would like to know, please share!

For wedding information please contact us at http://www.hiltonloscabos.com/weddings-cabo-san-lucas-mexico 







Turtle season is here!

Turtle season is here!

Turtle Season is here and you can make it part of your stay in Los Cabos. Like a wedding we had that enjoy this fantastic opportunity!

 Every year from June until the end of October, we have some staff volunteering during night shift, patrolling 10 miles in order to seek for turtle nests, from 11pm to 7am or 8am in the morning. We set on the beach a farmyard where eggs are laid and after 45 to 60 days they hatched. For the 2012 season we collected 22937 eggs and released 16488 live babies to the sea, we average when we have the correct support in place anywhere from 1 to 14 nests per night and an average nest can have from 50 to 180 eggs in each nest.

 Did you know that?

  • All species of sea turtles are listed as threatened or endangered.
  • Sea Turtles are highly sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field and use it to navigate.
  • The fact that most species return to nest at the locations in the same general area where they were born seems to indicate an imprint of that location’s magnetic features.
  • Sea Turtles can live between 50 to 80 years depending on the specie.
  • Sea Turtles can swim 27 Km/h to 35 Km/h.
  • Sea Turtles do not have teeth; instead they have sharp tips on the superior part of their mouth.

 How can you help?

  • Do not drive ATV’s or motorized vehicles on the beach.
  • Walk carefully on the beach during nesting season.
  • Do not touch or disturb Sea Turtle nests.
  • Report anyone damaging or disturbing nests.
  • Report any injured Sea Turtles.
  • Do not consume Sea Turtle meat or eggs.
  • Do not direct lights to baby Sea Turtles. They find their way to the Sea by finding the brightest horizon.
  • Volunteer

Please note that new laws are in place and now in order to protect the turtle, we cannot hold them unless we are certified to do that, however we still enjoy looking at them being released and at least we know that we have done our part in helping them getting to the beach. After that, nature does its job. We just hope we can see more coming the following years!

For more information please visit http://www.hiltonloscabos.com/turtle-protection-program. We would like to thank Mauricio Fabian for the photos www.facebook.com/cabo.brides.com






Activities in Los Cabos

Activities in Los Cabos

Have you planned some activities while you are in Los Cabos?  We have several that can help you enhance your vacations and make your stay unforgettable and funnier, these are some options:

Outback & Camel Safari is an unforgettable eco-adventure. Spectacular views, knowledgeable guides, delicious cuisine and an exciting camel ride overlooking the ocean at Rancho San Cristobal make this an exclusive adventure only available from Cabo Adventures! http://www.cabo-adventures.com

Is swimming with dolphins near the top of your bucket list?  If so, be sure to visit Cabo Dolphins in downtown Cabo San Lucas and now available in San Jose del Cabo as well. Here you will find a variety of fun and interactive dolphin swims at our modern dolphin center conveniently located in both towns.

Outdoor Zipline Adventure is an extraordinary experience; Cabo’s highest rated zip line tour. This tour delivers thrills as you zip line, rappel, climb and more through the stunning surroundings of the Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve. It is safe and fun for everyone.

Snorkel and Sea Adventure tour takes you beyond the hotel zone to secluded coves and isolated beaches for Cabo’s ultimate snorkel excursion. It’s the only snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo combining power snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and an Apex high-speed boat ride.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a first-time mountain biker, our Mountain Bike Adventure is an enjoyable way to experience the outback of Cabo. 

If you like sailing this is an option too as one of the world’s premier sailing companies, attention to detail and warm and friendly service is unrivalled. So kick back in one of the deluxe sailboats and let the tropical winds carry you over the turquoise waters to the secluded natural beaches of the Sea of Cortés and beyond.

Scuba diving, the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of California and the Mexican Pacific are home to a vast array of sea life making Los Cabos one of Mexico’s top diving destinations. Professional diving instructors combine their expertise with the utmost personal attention in scuba lessons for every level of Certification.

Few things can match the excitement and natural wonder of the world’s largest creatures shooting out of the sea and crashing back down only meters away. Join us for this spectacular event and capture amazing photos. (Cabo whale watching season is from Nov-March)

Which activity will you select?

Wedding favors and ideas…

Wedding favors and ideas…

Talking about wedding ideas, we know every wedding is different and has peculiar details that make it unique and special, adding wedding favors is a great way to thank guests for attending.

Searching on this subject I found lots of options by color, material, price, for the wedding, the ceremony, the bridal party, etc. It all depends on what we want to buy from: wine stoppers, bottle openers, card holders, photo frames, scent candles, luggage tags, gold or silver items, matches, chocolates to bubble tubes just to mention some.

I personally love silver, when I was looking for silver favors I found an assortment of beautiful items, did not expect to find that many I must confess but to my surprise the decision is difficult but if we are realistic we have to stick to a budget, so that helps reduce the options or increase them, all depends. There are also several details in silver for men, such as: money clips, cuff links, lighters, key-rings, ideas are endless.

Favors can also be found by season, design or personalized. It is important to buy favors according to the location, if the ceremony is at the beach in summer for instance; fans, parasols, flip flops can be considered; while in winter we may select something different.

There are also eco-friendly wedding favors made of seed-embedded paper and handcrafted paper cards, where kind words can be written to guests as a token of appreciation. There are also seed favors that bloom after guests follow instructions to soil and water them.

Useful favors are even better, as they remind guests of the wedding and are functional such as card or photo holders which I believe are great options. I have seen different models and if I were to select one in particular I would probably go with butterflies or hearts, not sure yet since I like them both. Which ones would you choose?

Visit us at http://www.hiltonloscabos.com/weddings-cabo-san-lucas-mexico

Experience a cooking class…

Experience a cooking class…

Cooking.. Are you a foodie person and would love to do a different activity while you are vacationing? Let me share with you what a fantastic experience we had at the hotel, with a cooking class for a family that started with Tequila tasting all the way to a wonderful Mexican dessert.

When we arrived at El Meson restaurant we came by the open kitchen where our Executive Chef was waiting for us together with the kitchen and restaurant team to greet us and introduce themselves, we also received copy of the wonderful recipes we tried.

Suddenly, our Tequilier arrived with a Tequila tasting cart and he explained the tequila process, how it is made and the difference between white, young and aged. This was truly educational.

Now, time for food preparation, the Chef showed us all the ingredients to prepare guacamole and made it at the moment, we enjoyed it with homemade chips. Different types of salsas from mild to hot were freshly made too; we tasted epazote, a Mexican herb that gives a unique flavor to quesadillas or beans just to mention a few examples, and to top up the flavor on the quesadilla we added one of the fresh made salsas, what can I say?

We were so into it that we were enjoying every single minute of the class. We were also taught how to prepare an exhilarating sea bass ceviche with mango and then a traditional Mexican tortilla soup, superb!

Most of the products used at the kitchen are regional as the Chef mentioned, therefore they are organic. For me, there is nothing better than finishing a nice meal with a dessert and so we did, we had churros with caramel and/or chocolate, we tried both and they were prepared and fried in front of us, just amazing and the flavor, wow! Check different recipes and try your cooking skills at http://bit.ly/1ctSpzX

The family mentioned how impressed they were by the service delivered by each of our staff members, they selected to stay at the Hilton based on the comments read online about our property experience. They did not know what to expect and after this cooking class, which exceeded their expectations, they were overwhelmed with every detail and I was too. It was indeed an extraordinary experience. Hopefully you come and enjoy this too!


Celebrate Los Cabos style!

Celebrate Los Cabos style!

Los Cabos such a lovely destination and we are so proud to share with you excellent news as The Knot has mentioned Hilton Los Cabos as one of “The 50 Best New Honeymoon Spots for 2013” this is indeed an honor and we are thrilled about this. Help us spread the word.

Considering this remarkable mention and if you are coming to Los Cabos and want to surprise your significant other, we have the Romance and Special Events department for this purpose.  Vows renewal, intimate weddings, anniversaries, wedding proposals, birthdays, honeymoon, any celebration, you name it and we can make it happen!

Our Romance and Special Events Manager says, this is one of the reasons that makes our job easier and worth it, when guests send us comments like this: “Just wanted to drop you a note to say a big, big THANK YOU for the beautiful goodies you put in our room to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday!  What a treat!” When we receive this feedback, encourages us to keep improving.

 If you really think about this, there is actually no need to celebrate something in particular, any day can be a special, don’t you think?  Therefore, why not wow someone with flowers, with a dinner, any token to make it different, leave it to us, we love dazzling our guests.

For more information please e-mail us at enjoy.loscabos@hilton.com or click here http://www.hiltonloscabos.com/contact-mexico-resort 

Hilton Los Cabos romantic dinner set up…

Visit Spa Oasis

Visit Spa Oasis

Get pampered and spoiled all the way at Spa Oasis. You can select different treatments for your fiancé and for you as well. Also if you want to enjoy an afternoon with your maid of honor and your bridesmaid you can organize a spa bridal party where you can include manicure, pedicure, back massage, hairstyles, among other.  Learn all about Spa Oasis wedding services. 

How about a Marine Detox Facial? This is perfect for all skin types, this facial begins with marine alpha hydroxy cleansers, Caribbean sea salt and oyster powder from Thailand. The heart of this facial is a rich serum and creamy mask containing Bioplancton, for a cellular wakeup call and pollution protection. The treatment finishes with a light, skin quenching fluid. If you are looking for hair and or nail care, the Spa Oasis has something for you. When it comes to bridal hairstyle and make up, you can book your trial sessions too.

What I love about Spa Oasis is that features OLOS and Thalmer Thalasso Spa Products produced by GTS Group, the Italian leader in professional skin care products and these products are also available for purchase which is wonderful.

Let me share some comments Spa Oasis receives: “Fabulous Time! Attentive Staff ,relaxing pedicure and spa experience”. “Excellent Service. The best makeup artist  and hair dresser”. “By far the best spa experience I have ever received, thank you”. “Well done , third time here always a great experience”. “Best couples spa treatment we ever had.” “Just Wonderful! The therapist was very smooth and had the right pressure”. “Best facial I have ever had”.

Please make your reservation and do not miss the opportunity to visit the spa. We are sure you will find the treatment you desire and the relaxation you need and deserve. See you soon at Spa Oasis!